Big Bang Bhangra Brass Band Headlined 2013 VMF with their first public performance.

BBBBBUnder the direction of noted Vermont musician and band leader, Brian Boyes, the Big Bang Bhangra Brass Band is one HUGE party that combines the rich musical and dance roots of Indian Bhangra, Bollywood, New Orleans Brass Bands, and the 1930’s jungle swing of Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway.  

From call and response singing to ripping horn solos, Big Bang Brass fuses the deep funk and swing grooves of New Orleans with the centuries-old Punjabi Bhangra grooves and dance moves reaching back 500 years.  The result:  a wild and colorful explosion of musical crossroads guaranteed to stir the soul, body, and mind.

Topped off with a troupe of Bhangra dancers, Big Bang Brass features some of Vermont’s best funk and jazz players from such favorites as Movement of the People, The Saturn People’s Sound Collective, ViperHouse, 35th Parallel, Money Jungle, and D’Moja.

Playing on the VMF main stage at 8:30pm 2013, was their third time playing together on to prove the level of skill and profesionalism that come with a Brian Boyes project.  Their first practice was the Sunday before, and my favorite piece of trivia is that their second practice was the Tuesday before, but one of the members was not able to make it because it was in Waterbury and not Plainfield.  This was one party I hope you did not miss. If you did, they are have been playing around Vermont and hopefully have many more years to dazzle our communities.  You can find their next performance dates at  _______________.